No. B1890
A 189-piece sterling silver, ivory and mother of pearl "Rattail" pattern canteen of cutlery.

The sterling silver pieces are fully hallmarked, and made between 1911 and 1927.
All fitted in its original felt lined four draw and lift up lid, oak cutlery box with brass handles.
12 x table knives, 12 x table forks, 12 x soup spoons, 12 x fish knives, 12 x fish forks, 12 x dessert knives,
12 x dessert forks, 12 x dessert spoons, 12 x fruit knives, 12 x fruit forks, 12 x lobster picks, 12 x escargot forks,
12 x coffee spoons, 11 x tea spoons, 6 x serving spoons, 5 x carving set, 2 x fish serving knife & fork, 2 x sauce ladle,
2 x knife rests, 2 x childís set, 1 x soup ladle, 1 x basting spoon and 1 x sugar tongs.
Price £12,285.00.
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