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No. D639
A silver 213-piece "Old English Bead" pattern canteen of cutlery.

Made in Sheffield 1920, by William Hutton and Sons Ltd.
Total weight of silver, excluding all pieces
with loaded handles and steel blades, 189 troy oz. (5,877g).
Hand fitted into a felt-lined seven-draw antique oak cutlery box.
Price 24,500.00
(115.02 per piece).
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Comprising of:
12 Soup Spoons,
12 Table knives, 12 Table Forks,
12 Fish knives, 12 Fish Forks,
12 Dessert Knives, 12 Dessert Forks, 12 Dessert Spoons,
12 Fruit Knives, 12 Fruit Forks,
12 Oyster Forks, 12 Escargot Forks,
12 Grapefruit Spoons, 12 Tea Spoons, 12 Demitasse Spoons,
6 Serving Spoons, 3 Salt Spoons,
2 Fish Servers, 2 Salad Servers, 2 Fruit Servers,
2 Sauce Ladles, 1 Soup Ladle,
1 Pair of Grape Scissors, 1 Pair of Nut Crackers,
1 Basting Spoon, 1 Pair of Asparagas Servers,
1 Cake Server, 1 Cake Spatula, 1 Pie Server,
1 Jam Spoon, 1 Caddy Spoon, 1 Mustard Spoon,
1 Sardine Server, 1 Coctail Fork, 1 Olive Spoon,
1 Pair of Sugar Tongs and 1 Butter Knife.

The Table and Dessert knives are modern (silver handles with stainless steel blades).

Dessert Spoon, Dessert Fork, Dessert Knife, Soup Spoon, Table Fork and Table Knife

Fruit Fork, Fruit Knife, Fish Fork and Fish Knife

Demitasse Spoon, Tea Spoon, Grapefruit Spoon, Oyster Fork and Escargot Fork

Salt Spoon, Mustard Spoon, Caddy Spoon, Olive Spoon, Jam Spoon, Cocktail Fork and Sardine Server

Sugar Tongs, Butter Knife, Nut Crackers and Grape Scissors

Serving Spoon, Sauce Ladle, and Fruit Server

Salad Server (Fork), Salad Server (Spoon), Fish Server (Fork) and Fish Server (Knife)

Cake Spatula, Pie Server, Cake Server, Asparagas Servers, Soup Ladle and Basting Spoon

Canteen Dimensions: Height 17.5" (44.5cm), Width 20" (51cm) and Depth 16" (41cm).