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No. E049
Victorian antique silver 108-piece "Kings" pattern canteen of cutlery.

Made by Francis Higgins in London, 1892.
Hand fitted into an antique oak cutlery box.
Price 7,900.00
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(73.15 per piece).
Consisting of:
24 Table knives, 24 Table forks, 12 Table spoons
12 Dessert knives, 12 Dessert forks, 12 Dessert spoons and 12 Tea spoons.
The Table and Dessert knives are modern (silver handles with stainless steel blades).

Total weight of silver (excluding knives) 178.5 troy oz. (5.55 kg).



Dimensions: Height 8.4" (21.5cm), Width 19.25" (49cm) and Depth 13.75" (35cm).