No. H069
The Duke of Wellington's Regimental Silver Candleabras
From The Officers Mess.

Made by Robert & Sebastian Garrard of London in 1876.
Height 2'8" (81cm). Weight approx. 499 Troy oz. (15,520g).
Price 145,000.00
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This magnificent pair of solid silver candelabras, weighing 499 troy ounces (15.5kg) are from the Duke of Wellington's regiment. They were made by the Royal silversmiths, Garrards, in 1876. Standing two feet eight inches (81cm) off the table, they are probably the largest candelabras that any table could accommodate. Decorated with lion masks, laurel leaves and fluting. Embossed around the base are eight important battles of Wellington's; Waterloo, Peninsula, Barrosa, Corunna, Lincelles, Sevastopol, Inkerman and Alma.

The Candelabras would have been placed on the officers dining table for special banquets and it is alleged that after dinner & drinks the officers would wager as to how far around the table they could carry, at arms length, a candelabrum in each hand without dropping them (some of the branches are a little bent). More often than not regimental silver is found in poor condition due the excessive use and abuse it receives, and even though these candelabras have had a few repairs since being manufactured they are in good condition.



Applied with the Motto of the Order of the Garter.
"Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense"
(Shame Be To Him Who Evil Thinks)


The Base Embossed With laurel Leaves & Wellington's Battles