No. J061
Edwardian Silver & Steel Trowel for Laying Foundation Stone at St Dunstan's Studio

Made by Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr
Circa 1904
Length 8" (20.5cm); Weight 3.3 troy oz. (103g)
Price 8,650.00

3a Seymour Place.(St Dunstan's Studio) was the workshop for Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr.
The Architect for the project was C.H.B. Quinnell and was built by William Willett.
The foundation stone was laid on the 16th February 1904.

Condition Report:
The trowel is not marked, which makes sense as Ramsden & Carr would have been making it for themselves,
and not for retail, to lay the foundation stone of their new workshop.
Excellent condition
Without damage or repair

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