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No. R064
Silver 'Kings' pattern Cutlery Set
Containing 61 Pieces

Made by Francis Howard
Sheffield 1961-64
Length of table knife 9.5" (24.3cm)
Total weight (exc. knives) 98.6 troy oz. (3.68kg)

Price 3,950.00
(64.75 per piece)

6 x Soup Spoons
6 x Table Knives
6 x Table Forks
6 x Fish Knives
6 x Fish Forks
6 x Dessert Forks
6 x Dessert Spoons
6 x Side/Dessert Knives
6 x Teaspoons
3 x Serving Spoons
2 x Sauce Ladles
2 x Butter Knives

Condition Report
Each piece initialled with either a 'W' or 'M'
Comes with 6 new cutlery storage rolls
Good marks and condition
Without damage or repair

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Table Knives & Forks

Fish Knives & Forks

Dessert Knives & Forks

Soup & Dessert Spoons

Teaspoons, Butter Knives, Serving Spoons & Sauce Ladles