No. B25
138-piece sterling silver "Old English" pattern canteen of cutlery.

All hand fitted into an oak three drawer box .
Made by John Sherwood & Sons in Sheffield, 1924/1937.
12 x Table knives, 12 x Table forks, 12 x Soup Spoons, 12 x Fish knives, 12 x Fish forks,
12 x Dessert knives, 12 x Dessert forks, 12 x Dessert spoons, 12 x Tea spoons, 12 x Coffee spoons,
6 x Serving spoons, 2 x Fish serving knife & fork, 2 x Sauce ladle, 2 x Mustard spoons, 2 x Salt spoons,
1 x Soup ladle, 1 x Basting spoon, 1 x Pickle fork, 1 x Sugar tongs.
Price 8,460.00
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