Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. S095
    Edwardian Silver Pocket Watch Stand
    Made by Marples & Co, Sheffield 1906
    Price 745.00

    No. J185
    An Enormous Victorian Silver Fusee Pocket Watch
    Made by Frederick Wilkins of London in 1864
    Price 14,500.00

    No. Q085
    Victorian Silver & Enamel Carriage Clock
    By John George Smith, Import marks for London 1898
    Price 2,295.00

    No. N098
    Edwardian Silver & Tortoiseshell Desk/Dressing Table Clock
    Made by Albert Barker of London in 1905
    Price 3,250.00

    No. J214
    Indian Colonial Silver & Agate Pocket Watch Box.
    Made circa 1880.
    Price 2250.00

    No. M086
    Edwardian Silver & Glass Inkwell & Watch.
    Made by John Collard Vickery of London in 1906.
    Price 2,650.00

    No. M146
    Edwardian Silver Carriage Clock.
    Made by Samuel & Ernest Drew of London in 1905.
    Price 1,795.00

    No. L196
    Victorian Silver 8 Day Desk Clock.
    Made by E.H. Stockwell of London in 1889.
    Price 3,250.00

    No. L039
    Edwardian Silver Miniature Mantel Clock.
    Made by Henry Williamson Ltd of Birmingham in 1905.
    Price 765.00

    No. L037
    Art Deco Silver Eight Day Desk Clock.
    Made by Saunders & Mackenzie of Birmingham in 1937.
    Price 1795.00

    No. K119
    Victorian 18 Carat Gold Pocket Watch.
    Made by Frederick Trahern of Chester in 1892.
    Price 2250.00

    No. K161
    Edwardian Silver Eight Day Clock.
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company of London in 1902.
    Price 1795.00

    No. J211
    Edwardian Silver Double Faced Clock Desk Inkwell.
    Made by John Grinsell & Sons of London in 1905.
    Price 3250.00

    No. G236
    Art Deco Silver Bed Side Lamp & Clock.
    Made by Walker & Hall in Sheffield, 1937.
    Length of base 5.6" (14.5cm).
    Price 4,450.00

    No. I025
    Silver Carriage Clock.
    Made by S. Blackensee & Sons of Birmingham in 1911.
    Price 1,795.00

    No. J049
    French Silver Pocket Watch Stand.
    Made by J. Chaumet of Paris circa 1880.
    Price 2350.00

    No. J025
    Victorian Silver Miniature Eight Day Carriage Clock.
    Made by John Tiley of London in 1888.
    Price 3250.00

    No. F373
    Silver desk clock.
    Made by W. Neale & Sons in Birmingham, 1921.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 325.00

    No. F427
    Gentleman's 9ct Gold & Enamel Pocket Necessaire.
    Magnifying Glass, Perpetual Calendar, Penknife, Watch, Door Key & Pencil.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. in London, 1937, retailed by Asprey.
    Length closed 3" (7cm).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. D633
    Silver travelling clock.
    Made by R. W. B. in Birmingham, 1919.
    Length of case 2.75" (7cm).
    Price 445.00

    No. E127
    Edwardian silver 8-day clock.
    Made by William Comyns in London, 1902.
    Height 5.75" (14.5cm).
    Price 2,450.00

    No. D953
    18ct Gold Half Hunter pocket watch.
    Case made by R.and S. in London, 1921.
    Movement made by Rotherhams of London, No. 378267
    Diameter 2" (5cm).
    Price 1,425.00

    No. F324
    Silver, blue & green enamel wrist watch.
    Made by Gucci, circa 1960.
    Length 7.75" (19.5cm).
    Price 1,275.00

    No. E360
    Art Deco silver & enamel pocket watch.
    Made by Tavannes Watch Co., circa 1930.
    (Minor chips to enamel).
    Length 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 1,250.00

    No. E078
    Silver and blue & white enamel clock.
    Made by William F. Wright in London, 1914.
    Height 3.5" (9cm).
    Price 3,950.00

    No. D793
    Silver "Goliath" watch case.
    Made by Collins ad Cook in Birmingham, 1912.
    Length 4.4" (11.5cm).
    Price 695.00.

    No. D674
    American sterling silver travelling clock.
    Made by Black Star and Frost in New York, circa 1910.
    Length 3.5" (9cm).
    Price 445.00

    No. D662
    Victorian silver & tortoiseshell 8-day clock.
    Made by Samuel and Ernest Drew in London, 1899.
    Height with handle up 3.5" (9cm).
    Price 2,350.00

    No. D268
    Edwardian Silver "Goliath" Watch Case.
    W. Comyns in Chester, 1902. Height 4.5" (11cm).
    Price 445.00

    No. B025
    A silver miniature carriage clock.
    Import mark of London, 1911. Height 2.5" (6.5cm).
    Price 1,295.00

    No. B023
    A Victorian silver miniature carriage clock.
    Made by George James in London, 1895. Height 3.25" (8cm).
    Price 1,195.00

    No. D155
    Victorian silver miniature carriage clock.
    Made by Mappin and Webb in London, 1898. Height 4" (10cm).
    Price 1,295.00

    No. D030
    A silver full Hunter cased 'braille' pocket watch.
    The case was made by A.L. Dennison watch case and co. in Birmingham, 1912.
    The movement is a 'guaranteed English' 17 jewelled lever movement.
    Length 2.75" (7cm)
    Price 765.00

    No. B026
    A silver and enamel miniature bracket clock in its original case.
    Import mark for London, 1913. Height of clock 2.25" (6cm).
    Price 1,650.00

    No. B022
    An Edwardian silver watch case and pocket watch.
    Made by William Comyns in London, 1907. Case height 4.5" (11cm).
    (The pocket watch is made of nickel).
    Price 445.00

    No. 1715
    A Silver and tortoiseshell desk clock.
    Made by E. Barnsley & Co in Birmingham, 1919. Height 4.25" (11cm).
    Price 1,350.00

    No. B024
    A Dunhill silver travelling watch.
    Import mark of Glasgow, 1929. Width 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 645.00

    No. B170
    Silver & Tortoiseshell desk clock.
    Made by Cornelius Saunders & Francis Shepherd in Birmingham, 1921. Height 3.75" (9.5cm).
    Price 1,450.00

    Movado chronometer watch.
    Circa 1930. 2" (5cm) close. 3" (7.5cm) open.
    Price 325.00

    No. B273
    Silver travelling watch.
    Made by S.S.M. in Birmingham, 1936.
    Price 345.00

    No. 899
    An Edwardian silver miniature carriage clock.
    Made by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co in London, 1905. Height 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 1,250.00