SOLD - 2501 to 5000

  • All items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. J245
    Chinese Export Silver Cocktail Shaker.
    Made by Wang Hing of Kowloon, circa 1930.
    Price 3350.00

    No. J211
    Edwardian Silver Double Faced Clock Desk Inkwell.
    Made by John Grinsell & Sons of London in 1905.
    Price 3250.00

    No. J160
    Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Picture Frame.
    Made circa 1910.
    Price 4350.00

    No. J053
    George II Silver Coffee Pot.
    Made by Edward Feline of London in 1746.
    Price 4850.00

    No. G236
    Art Deco Silver Bed Side Lamp & Clock.
    Made by Walker & Hall in Sheffield, 1937.
    Length of base 5.6" (14.5cm).
    Price 4,450.00

    No. J090
    Russian .958 Silver Filigree Casket.
    Made by W.D. of Moscow in 1834.
    Assay Master, Nikolay Dubrovin.
    Price 3650.00

    No. J240
    Silver & Enamel Match Strike.
    Made by Carrington & Co. of London in 1917.
    Price 2850.00

    No. J254
    Victorian Silver & Steel '15 tools' Penknife.
    Made by Henry William Dee of London in 1879.
    Price 3950.00

    No. I016
    Silver 'Scarecrow' Pin Cushion.
    Made by R. Martin & E. Hall of Birmingham in 1910.
    Price 2650.00

    No. J161
    A Pair Of George III Silver & Wood Wine Coasters.
    Made by Robert & Samuel Hennell of London in 1811.
    Price 4250.00

    No. J073
    Victorian Silver Gilt 'Thimble' Vinaigrette.
    Made by Yapp & Woodward of Birmingham in 1845.
    Price 2950.00

    No. J034
    Arts & Crafts Silver & Maple Wood Mazer Bowl.
    Made by Omar Ramsden of London in 1924.
    Price 2850.00

    No. H027
    18th Century Silver Gilt Articulated Fish Smelling Box.
    Made circa 1730.
    Length 3.25" (8cm).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. J023
    Silver 'Binnacle' Table Lighter.
    Made by Goldsmith & Silversmiths Co. of London in 1911.
    Price 2950.00

    No. J098
    Charles II Silver Nutmeg Grater.
    Made by I.C. circa 1680.
    Price 3250.00

    No. J025
    Victorian Silver Miniature Eight Day Carriage Clock.
    Made by John Tiley of London in 1888.
    Price 3250.00

    No. J036
    Elizabethan Silver 'Seal Top' Spoon.
    Made by William Cawdell of London in 1601.
    Price 3250.00

    No. G029
    Edwardian Silver 2-Handled Tray.
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. in London, 1903.
    Length from handle to handle 26.5" (67cm). Approx. weight 110.2 troy oz. (3.43kg).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. I045
    Edwardian Silver 'Sword' Paper Knife.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. of London in 1904.
    Price 2650.00

    No. I092
    Victorian Scottish Silver,Citrine,Amethyst & Agate Desk Inkwell.
    Made by James Ross of Edinburgh in 1900.
    Price 3250.00

    No. I044
    Dutch .833 silver pierced dish.
    Made by A . J. de Ruiter of Amsterdam in 1901.
    Price 2650.00

    No. I018
    Edwardian Silver Playing Card Box.
    Made by Matthew John Jessop of Birmingham in 1901.
    Price 3450.00

    No. G325
    William IV Silver Table Snuff Box.
    Made by Nathaniel Mills in Birmingham, 1834.
    Length 3.5" (8cm).
    Price 2,650.00.

    No. B0225
    A William IV silver table snuff box.
    Made by Nathaniel Mills in Birmingham, 1834.
    Price 2,650.00

    No. I077
    Victorian silver card case.
    Made by Nathaniel Mills of Birmingham in 1846.
    Price 2650.00

    No. E125
    Arts & craft silver 4-piece tea set.
    Made by A. E. Jones in Birmingham, 1932/3.
    Length of teapot from handle to spout 8.75" (22.5cm).
    Total Weight 40.15 troy oz. (1.25kg).
    Price 3,650.00

    No. G320
    Victorian Silver "Armada" Wine Ewer.
    Made by R. Martin & E. Hall in London, 1888.
    Height 13.75" (35cm). Weight 73.3 troy oz. (2.28kg)
    Price 4,950.00

    No. G275
    George III Silver Salver.
    Made by Richard Rugg in London 1766.
    Diameter 13" (32cm). Weight approx. 31.5 troy oz. (980g)
    Price 3,450.00

    No. G118
    A Pair of Silver Candlesticks.
    Made by Herbert Charles Lambert in London, 1910.
    Height 12.5" (32cm).
    Price 2,850.00

    No. I003
    George III Silver Sauce Boats.
    Made by William Bateman I in London in1816.
    Price 3,450.00

    No. F168
    French Antique Silver Wine Taster.
    Made in Bordeaux, circa 1700.
    Diameter 4.25" (10.5cm). Weight 2.63 troy oz. (82g).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. G209
    George III Silver Candle Snuffers & Tray.
    Made by William Abdy in London, 1776/7.
    Length of tray 7" (17.5cm).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. H004
    George IV Silver Letter Scales.
    Made by John Reily in London, 1824.
    Height 4.75" (12cm). Weight 9.2 troy oz (286g).
    Price 4,950.00

    No. F005
    Silver & pink enamel powder jar.
    Made by The Adie Brothers in Bimingham, 1913.
    Diameter 5.1" (13cm).
    Price 445.00

    No. D284
    Edwardian silver "dog" vesta case.
    Made by Goldsmiths and Silver smiths Co. in London, 1907.
    Price 4,250.00

    No. H013
    Victorian Silver & Cut Glass Claret Jug.
    Made by James Alfred Muller in London, 1887.
    Height 10.25" (26cm).
    Price 2,950.00

    No. H006
    18th Century Silver Parcel-Gilt Articulated Fish Smelling Box.
    Made circa 1750.
    Length 5" (18.5cm).
    Price 6,950.00

    No. G230
    Victorian Silver "Armada" Wine Ewer.
    Made by Sibray, Hall & Co. in Sheffield, 1887.
    Height 12" (30cm). Weight 28.74 troy oz. (894g).
    Price 4,950.00

    No. D010
    A Victorian silver wine ewer.
    Made by The Barnards in London, 1868. Height 12" (30cm).
    Price 3,850.00

    No. F389
    Victorian Silver & Glass Claret Jug.
    Made by J. Wakely & F. Wheeler in London, 1898.
    Height 11" (28.5cm).
    Price 4,750.00

    No. D149
    An Edwardian silver "car" pin cushion.
    Made by R. Martin and E. Hall in Birmingham, 1906.
    Price 3,250.00

    No. D812
    Four George III silver salt cellars.
    Made by Robert Hennell I in London, 1773.
    Length 3.25" (8.25cm). Total weight 8.16 Troy oz (254gr).
    Price 2,650.00

    No. G311
    Italian .800 Silver Model of a Bird.
    Made by Gianmaria Buccelatti, circa 1940.
    Length 9.25" (23cm). Weight 7.33 troy oz. (228g).
    Price 2,950.00

    No. D015
    A Scottish silver and tortoiseshell snuff mull.
    Made circa 1730. Not marked.
    Price 4,950.00

    No. F124
    Silver, jadeite & nephrite magnifying glass.
    Made by S. Blankensee & Sons in London, 1927.
    Length 10" (25cm).
    Price 2,650.00

    No. D244
    George III silver and coconut shell goblet.
    Made by Josiah Snatt in London, 1812.
    Price 2,650.00

    No. F079
    George III silver seal or skippet box.
    Made by William & Aaron Lestourgeon in London, 1770.
    (The Scrolling Cartouch is the Arms of Oxford University).
    Length 3.5" (9cm). Weight 2.47 troy oz. (77g)
    Price 4,250.00

    No. D402
    Victorian silver 4-piece tea & coffee set.
    Made by R. Martin and E. Hall in London, 1873.
    Height of coffee pot 12" (30cm). Total weight approx. 97.15 Troy oz. (3022g).
    Price 4,750.00

    No. G099
    Queen Anne Silver, Tortoiseshell, Mother Of Pearl & Gold Snuff Box.
    Made circa 1710.
    Length 2.9" (7cm).
    Price 2,650.00

    No. E120
    Six French silver gilt and cut glass cups & saucers.
    Made circa 1860.
    Diameter of saucer 5.1" (13cm).
    Price 3,950.00

    No. G084
    A Pair of George III Silver Sauce Boats.
    Made by Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp in London, 1761.
    Length 9" (22cm). Total weight 25.14 troy oz. (782g).
    Price 3,650.00

    No. F427
    Gentleman's 9ct Gold & Enamel Pocket Necessaire.
    Magnifying Glass, Perpetual Calendar, Penknife, Watch, Door Key & Pencil.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. in London, 1937, retailed by Asprey.
    Length closed 3" (7cm).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. D492
    Charles II silver & tortoiseshell snuff box.
    Made circa 1680, not marked.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 3,950.00

    No. D078
    A Scottish silver and cut glass "hall stand" inkwell.
    Made by Brook and Sons in Edinburgh, 1891.
    Price 3,250.00

    No. F283
    A pair of George III silver salt cellars & spoons.
    Made by Paul Storr in London, 1813.
    Length 5" (13cm). Total weight 16.71 troy oz. (520g).
    Price 3,650.00

    No. E105
    French silver sweet-meat dish with a
    cherub climbing a tree to see baby birds in their nest.

    Made circa 1860.
    Height 6.5" (16.5cm).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. B0229
    A French 18th Century four colour gold snuff box.
    Made by JI, IF circa 1780.
    Price 4,950.00

    No. E057
    Silver tea tray.
    Made by Henry & Arthur Vander in London, 1911.
    Length from handle to handle 22" (56cm). Weight approx. 75.5 troy oz. (2.35kg)
    Price 2,650.00

    No. E316
    A pair of Victorian silver 10.7" (24.5cm) candlesticks.
    Made by Hawksworth Eyre & Co. in Sheffield, 1839.
    Height 10.7" (24.5cm).
    Price 2,650.00

    No. D920
    Victorian silver & etched glass claret jug.
    Made by William and George Sissons in Sheffield, 1864.
    Height 9.75" (24.5cm).
    Price 4,650.00

    No. B0469
    An American sterling silver, copper and gold tea caddy.
    Made by Gorham & Co in 1881.
    Price 4,750.00

    No. E068
    Edwardian silver playing card box.
    Made by Levi & Salaman in Birmingham, 1909.
    Height 4.9" (12.5cm).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. 4520
    A pair of Victorian silver candlesticks.
    Made by Charles and George Fox in London, 1848.
    Price 2,750.00

    No. D388
    Silver two handled bowl.
    Made by Philip Hanson Abbott in London, 1912.
    Length 10.5" (26.5cm). Weight approx. 34.4 Troy oz. (1070g).
    Price 2,950.00

    No. E214
    George III silver Bougie Box.
    Made by Henry Chawner in London, 1792.
    Diameter 2.1" (5.5cm).
    Weight of silver (without wax) 2.5 troy oz (78g).
    Price 3,295.00

    No. D064
    A William IV silver egg cruet.
    Made by M. Fenton and Co. in Sheffield, 1833.
    Price 2,850.00

    No. E078
    Silver and blue & white enamel clock.
    Made by William F. Wright in London, 1914.
    Height 3.5" (9cm).
    Price 3,950.00

    No. e067
    Chinese export silver & mother of pearl centrepiece.
    Made by Wang Hing, circa 1890.
    Height 10" (25.5cm).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. D866
    Art Deco silver tea & coffee set.
    Made by Walker and Hall in Sheffield, 1939.
    Height of coffee pot 8.75" (21.5cm).
    Total weight 49.58 troy oz. (1542g).
    Price 4,850.00

    No. D831
    Victorian silver & tortoiseshell dressing table tray.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length 11.25" (28.5cm).
    Price 2,750.00

    No. D228
    Arts and craft silver and enamel playing card box.
    Made by Albert Edward Bonner in London, 1912.
    Price 3,450.00

    No. D174
    George IV silver fruit bowl.
    Made by Matthew Boulton Plate Co. in Birmingham, 1827. Diameter 12" (30cm).
    Price 4,250.00

    No. D434
    George I silver miniature tea kettle.
    Made by David Clayton in London, circa 1725.
    Height including stand and handle up 3.5" (9cm). Weight 1.22 Troy oz. (38g).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. D187
    George III silver coffee pot.
    Made by Daniel Pontifex I in London, 1803.
    Price 2,650.00

    No. 4447
    A pair of Victorian silver candlesticks.
    Made by Thomas, James and Nathaniel Creswick in Sheffield, 1841.
    Price 2,650.00

    No. B0598
    A Victorian silver, brass and corimndel dressing table box.
    Made by Francis Douglas in London, 1852.
    Price 4,850.00

    No. D146
    Charles II silver and tortoiseshell patch box.
    Made circa: 1680.
    Price 2,650.00

    No. B600
    A 42-piece sterling silver "Old English Shell" pattern cutlery set.
    Made by James Dixon & Sons in Sheffield, 1925/6.
    Price 2,850.00

    No. 1582
    An Art Nouveau silver punch bowl.
    Made by Walker & Hall in Sheffield, 1904. Height 6.75" (17cm).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. B0120
    Edwardian silver and glass decanter.
    Made by J. Neath & J. Middleton in Birmingham, 1906. Height 9.5" (24cm).
    Price 2,650.00

    No. B0222
    A George IV silver gilt snuff box.
    Made by Ledsam, Vale & Wheeler in Birmingham, 1826.
    Price 3,650.00

    No. D069
    A Dutch silver casket.
    Made circa 1880.
    Price 2,650.00.

    No. B0510
    A French 18ct gold snuff box.
    Made by L.F.R in Paris 1809-1819.
    Price 3,950.00

    No. B760
    A pair of French .950 silver wine coasters.
    Made by Francois Durand in Paris circa 1860. Diameter 7" (17.5cm).
    Price 2,850.00

    No. B089
    Six George IV silver salt cellars.
    Made by George Angell in London, 1824. Length 4.25" (10.5cm), height 2" (5cm).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. A895
    George III silver wine coasters.
    Made by Smith, Tate, Hoult & Tate in Sheffield, 1818. Diameter 6" (15.5cm). Height 1.5" (3.5cm).
    Price 3,850.00

    No. B0223
    A Victorian silver cast top snuff box of York Minster, cased.
    Made by Nathaniel Mills in Birmingham, 1840.
    Price 3,650.00

    No. B0128
    A James II silver hair brushes.
    Makers mark script "D". London circa, 1685.
    Price 3,250.00 pair.

    No. B565
    A sterling silver 5-piece tea and coffee set.
    Made by Elkington & Co. in Birmingham, 1926. Weight 123 Troy oz.
    Price 4,250.00