Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. P168
    George II Silver-gilt Naturalistic Leaf Pattern Mote Spoon
    Made circa 1750
    Price 435.00

    No. P055
    Pair of George II Cast Silver Candlesticks
    Made by Jacob Marsh, London 1743
    Price 4,750.00

    No. P132
    George II Silver Waiter
    Made by Robert Abercromby, London 1745
    Price 1,650.00

    No. P036
    George II Silver Ribbed Hanoverian Rattail pattern Hash Spoon
    Made by John Gibbons, London 1729
    Price 2,350.00

    No. D679
    Dutch silver miniature brandy bowl
    Made by Aene Feenstra in Leeuwarden, Friesland, 1745
    Price 1,795.00

    No. Q076
    George II Silver Marrow Scoop
    Made by Isaac Ribouleau, London 1734
    Price 625.00

    No. Q045
    George II Silver Surgical Probe and Director
    Made by John Foote, London c.1740
    Price 1,350.00

    No. P165
    George II Silver Mote Spoon
    Made by Ebenezer Coker, London c.1745
    Price 345.00

    No. P237
    18th Century Dutch Silver Wirework Miniature Lidded Basket
    Made circa 1750
    Price 1,295.00

    No. P102
    The Paul de Lamerie 'Howard' Mug
    A Very Rare George II Silver Pint Mug

    Made by Paul de Lamerie, London 1732
    Price 16,800.00

    No. N058
    Pair Of George II Silver Mugs.
    Made by George Hindmarsh of London in 1753.
    Price 5,450.00

    No. D605
    George II silver sugar nips.
    Made by John Allen II in London, circa 1745.
    Price 445.00

    No. M042
    George II Silver Doctor's Funnel.
    Made circa 1750.
    Price 595.00

    No. K235
    George II Rococo Silver Snuff Box.
    Made by John Penn of London, circa 1740.
    Price 1495.00

    No. D042
    A George II silver and tortoiseshell snuff box.
    Made circa 1740.
    Price 1,250.00

    No. M136
    George II Silver Ribbed Hanoverian Rattail Hash Spoon.
    Made by John Gibbons of London in 1729.
    Price 2,350.00

    No. N029
    Dutch Silver Miniature Baby Walker.
    Made by Arnoldus Van Geffin of Amsterdam, circa 1740.
    Price 1,295.00

    No. N031
    George II Silver Tea Caddy.
    Made by Samuel Taylor of London in 1751.
    Price 3,950.00

    No. J186
    George II Silver & Tortoiseshell Snuff Box, With Hand Painted Minaiture.
    Made circa 1740.
    Price 3450.00

    No. 06/h096
    George II Silver & Agate Snuff Box.
    Made circa 1745 (not marked).
    Price 1,950.00

    No. K212
    Dutch Silver Miniature Water Kettle.
    Made by Frederik Van Strant II of Amsterdam in 1739.
    Price 2450.00

    No. D675
    Dutch silver miniature bellows.
    Made by Daniel Van Strant in Amsterdam, 1743.
    Price 1,450.00

    No. M048
    Dutch Silver Miniature Lamp Lighter.
    Made by Pieter Van Somerwil I. of Amsterdam, circa 1738.
    Price 1,295.00

    No. M062
    Set Of Four Irish George II Silver Candlesticks.
    Made by Matthew Fowler of Dublin, circa 1755.

    No. M002
    George II Silver Brush.
    Made by Samuel Courtauld I. of London in 1750.
    Price 1,795.00

    No. E204
    George II silver candle snuffer tray.
    Made by William Cafe in London, 1758.
    Length 7.25" (18.5cm). Weight 11.19 troy oz. (348g).
    Price 3,350.00

    No. L041
    George II Silver 'Basket Of Flowers' Picture Back Mote Spoon.
    Made by Elizabeth Tookey of London, circa 1755.
    Price 595.00

    No. L104
    George II Silver Waiter.
    Made by William Peaston of London in 1748.
    Price 1450.00

    No. L058
    Irish Silver Sugar Nips.
    Made by Stephen Broughton of Cork, circa 1750.
    Price 1,795.00

    No. K203
    George II Silver Salver.
    Made by Hugh Mills of London in 1750.
    Price 2450.00

    No. J037
    George II Silver & Wood Sugar Crusher.
    Made circa 1745.
    Price 1850.00

    No. K082
    George II Silver Mote Spoon.
    Made by Dennis Wilks of London, circa 1745.
    Price 445.00

    No. H063
    George II Rococo Silver & Coral Baby's Rattle.
    Made by Sandylands Drinkwater, circa 1745.
    Length 6" (15cm).
    Price 2,450.00

    No. J063
    George II Silver Mote Spoon.
    Made by Samuel Wood of London, circa 1740.
    Price 475.00

    No. J053
    George II Silver Coffee Pot.
    Made by Edward Feline of London in 1746.
    Price 4850.00

    No. J085
    George II Silver Waiter.
    Made by William & Robert Peaston of London in 1756.
    Price 1650.00

    No. D027
    A George II silver and wood punch ladle.
    Made by William Justis in London, 1735.
    Price 1,450.00

    No. G331
    George II Cast Silver Candlesticks.
    Made by William Cafe in London, 1758.
    Height 8.25" (21cm). Total weight of silver 38.6 troy oz. (1200g)
    Price 5,950.00

    No. D788
    Dutch silver miniature grid iron with fish.
    Made in Den Haag, 1747.
    Length 2.75" (7cm).
    Price 585.00

    No. G338
    A pair of rare George II cast silver desk candlesticks.
    Made by William Gould in London, 1755.
    Height 5.6" (14cm). Total weight of silver 26.14 troy oz. (813g)
    Price 8750.00

    No. H027
    18th Century Silver Gilt Articulated Fish Smelling Box.
    Made circa 1730.
    Length 3.25" (8cm).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. G139
    George II Silver Waiter.
    Made by William Peaston in London, 1746.
    Diameter 6" (16cm). Weight 6.23 troy oz. (194g).
    Price 1,350.00

    No. I010
    Russian Silver Beaker.
    Made circa 1756 - 1760.
    Height 3" (8cm).
    Price 1295.00

    No. H087
    18th Century Rococo Silver Nutmeg Grater.
    Made by Samuel Meriton, circa 1745.
    Height 1.75" (1.75cm).
    Price 1,850.00

    No. F001
    George II silver coffee pot.
    Made by Edward Feline in London, 1733.
    Height 8.75" (21.5cm). Weight 25.5 troy oz. (793g).
    Price 7,950.00

    No. G167
    George II Silver Coffee Pot.
    Made by Gabriel Sleath in London, 1728.
    Height 9.5" (24cm). Weight 27.07 troy oz. (842g).
    Price 6,950.00

    No. G238
    Twelve 18th Century Silver and Steel Dessert Knives & Forks.
    Made circa 1750.
    Length of knives approx 8" (20.5cm). Length of forks 6" (15.5cm).
    Price 895.00

    No. B0532
    George II silver orange/lemon strainer.
    Made by David Hennell I in London, 1751.
    Price 1,350.00

    No. H006
    18th Century Silver Parcel-Gilt Articulated Fish Smelling Box.
    Made circa 1750.
    Length 5" (18.5cm).
    Price 6,950.00

    No. G249
    George II Silver Shell-Back Hanovarian Tablespoon.
    Made in London, 1758 by Roger Hare.
    Length 8" (20.5cm). Weight 2 troy oz. (63g).
    Price 235.00

    No. G106
    George II Silver Taperstick.
    Made by Richard Gosling in London, 1747.
    Height 4" (10cm). Weight 3.08 troy oz. (96g).
    Price 1,675.00

    No. G337
    An 18th Century Silver and Steel Fork from an Etui.
    Made circa 1730 (not marked).
    Length 6" (15cm).
    Price 265.00

    No. G252
    George II Silver Marrow Scoop.
    Made by Caleb Hill in London, 1731.
    Length 8.75" (22cm). Weight 1.76 troy oz. (55g).
    Price 365.00

    No. D015
    A Scottish silver and tortoiseshell snuff mull.
    Made circa 1730. Not marked.
    Price 4,950.00

    No. 4191
    A George II silver and shell snuff box.
    Made circa 1735.
    Price 1,950.00

    No. F256
    George II silver Chinoserie cream jug.
    Made in London, 1756 (Maker's mark worn).
    Height 3.25" (8cm). Weight 2.09 troy oz. (65g).
    Price 695.00

    No. G203
    Dutch Silver Miniature Pistol Grip Knife.
    Made circa 1750.
    Length 2.4" (6cm).
    Price 365.00

    No. G101
    George II Silver "Shell-Back" Hanovarian Spoon.
    Made by S. ? in London, 1751.
    Length 7.75" (20cm). Weight 1.35 troy oz. (42g).
    Price 135.00

    No. G116
    George II Silver Rococo Waiter.
    Made by Edward Wakelin in London, 1753.
    Diameter 7.5" (19cm). Weight 11.38 troy oz. (354g).
    Price 1,850.00

    No. F359
    George II silver taperstick.
    Made by Ebenezer Coker in London, 1759.
    Height 5.25" (13cm). Weight 5.43 troy oz. (169g).
    Price 1,850.00

    No. D031
    A George II silver wine funnel.
    Made in London, 1738.
    Illustrated in "Investing in silver", P.147, by Eric Delieb.
    Price 14,500.00

    No. F289
    George II silver mug.
    Made by Humphrey Payne in London, 1739.
    Height 4" (10cm). Weight 9 troy oz. (280g).
    Price 1,650.00

    No. G013
    George II Silver Hanovarian Tablespoon.
    Made by William Soame in London 1742.
    Length 8" (20.5cm). Weight 2.17 troy oz. (67.5g).
    Price 125.00

    No. D681
    Dutch silver miniature chestnut roaster.
    Made circa 1750.
    Height 2.25" (5.5cm).
    Price 565.00

    No. D798
    A pair of George III silver cream ladles.
    Made in London, circa 1750, by John Lampfert.
    Length 5" (12.5cm). Total weight 1.19 troy oz. (37g).
    Price 485.00

    No. E250
    George II silver mote spoon.
    Made by Thomas Jackson I in London, circa 1740.
    Length 5.5" (14.5cm).
    Price 445.00

    No. D611
    Plymouth silver table spoon.
    Made by Pentecost Symons, hallmarked in Exeter, 1740.
    Length 7.8" (20cm). Weight 1.86 Troy oz. (58g).
    Price 445.00

    No. F240
    George II silver & wood brandy saucepan.
    Made in London, 1727 by William Fording OR William Fleming.
    (Tiny split to spout).
    Length 7.75" (19.5cm). Weight 3.66 troy oz. (114g).
    Price 1,450.00

    No. E149
    18th century silver Hanoverian, shell-bowl salt spoon.
    Made circa 1740.
    Length 3.25" (8cm).
    Price 125.00

    No. D678
    Dutch silver miniature of a man skipping.
    Made in Amsterdam, 1757.
    Height 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 445.00

    No. F334
    George II silver shell-back Hanoverian teaspoon.
    Made by Ebeneezer Coker, circa 1745.
    Length 4.75" (12cm).
    Price 67.00

    No. E159
    A pair of George II silver salt cellars.
    Made by Thomas Wright in London, 1754.
    (Salt spoons made by John and William Deakin in Chester, 1894).
    Diameter 2.4" (6cm). Total weight of silver 5.49 troy oz. (171g).
    Price 1,295.00

    No. F012
    George II silver "scroll back" marrow scoop.
    Made by William Soame in London, 1735.
    Length 8.75" (22cm). Weight 1.51 troy oz. (47g)
    Price 445.00

    No. E295
    French silver serving spoon.
    Made by Jaques Anthiaume in Paris, circa 1758.
    Length 17" (43cm). Weight 10.67 troy oz. (332g).
    Price 1,250.00

    No. F091
    George II silver scroll back tea spoon.
    Made by James Tookey in London, circa 1750.
    Length 4.75" (12cm).
    Price 45.00

    No. E251
    George II silver waiter.
    Made by Robert Abercromby in London, 1743.
    Diameter 6.6" (17.25cm). Weight 8.68 troy oz. (270g).
    Price 1,750.00

    No. B0218
    A Jersey silver trefid spoon.
    Made by Thomas Mauger, circa 1740.
    Price 645.00

    No. D040
    A Scottish silver, ivory and ebony Jacobite snuff mull.
    Made circa 1745. Not marked.
    Price 5,950.00

    No. E100
    Rococo silver nutmeg grater.
    Made by David Field in London, 1740.
    Height 1.5" (4cm).
    Price 1,650.00

    No. E006
    18th Century silver table spoon.
    Made by Ebaneezer Coker in london, 1752.
    Length 8" (20.5cm). Weight 2.48 troy oz. (77g).
    Price 135.00

    No. D330
    George II silver and cowrie shell salt cellars.
    Made circa 1750, not marked.
    Price 1,650.00

    No. D606
    George II silver sugar nips.
    Made circa 1740.
    Length 5" (12.5cm). Weight 1.35 Troy oz. (42g).
    Price 465.00

    No. B815
    A pair of 18th Century silver sugar nips.
    Made circa 1740. Length 4.5" (11.5cm).
    Price 465.00

    No. B087
    18th Century sugar nips.
    Made circa, 1730.Length 4.5" (11.5cm).
    Price 495.00

    No. D014
    A pair of George II silver tapersticks.
    Made by Joseph Bird in London, 1728.
    Price 5,900.00

    No. D013
    A George II silver teapot.
    Made by Gabriel Sleath in London, 1730.
    Price 6,850.00

    No. D213
    A George II silver taperstick.
    Made in London, 1737, maker's mark unclear.
    Price 1,850.00

    No. D099
    A Dutch silver gilt spoon.
    Made in Enkhuizen, 1751. Length 7.5" (19cm).
    Price 625.00

    No. B0570
    A George II silver pepper caster.
    Mady by I.W in London, 1749.
    Price 425.00

    No. B174
    A George II silver table spoon.
    Made by Marmaduke Daintrey in London, 1746. Length 7.75" (20cm).
    Price 185.00

    No. B0399
    George II silver basting spoon.
    Made by William Scarlett in London, 1731.
    Price 980.00

    No. B0166
    George II silver salt shovel.
    Made by Samuel Kay in London, circa 1750.
    Price 84.00

    No. A138
    A George II silver "port" label.
    Made by Sandylands Drinkwater in London circa, 1740. Width 2" (5.5cm).
    Price 235.00

    No. B0167
    George II silver salt shovel.
    Made circa 1750.
    Price 89.00

    No. B0165
    18th century silver salt shovel.
    Made circa 1750.
    Price 115.00

    No. A898
    George II silver salver.
    Made by Robert Abercromby in London, 1742. Diameter 15" (38cm).
    Price 4,800.00

    No. A52
    18th century silver tweezers.
    Made circa 1740, not marked. Length 2.75" (7cm).
    Price 345.00