Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. P152
    Silver 4-Piece Tea & Coffee Set & Silver Tea Tray
    Made by Richard Woodman Burbridge, London 1944
    & E. Viner, Sheffield 1933
    Price 4,250.00

    No. P236
    Silver Miniature 4-Piece Tea & Coffee Set with Tray
    Made by John Rose, Birmingham 1969/70
    Price 565.00

    No. J126
    Silver Butlers Tray.
    Made by Elkington & Co. of Birmingham in 1928.
    Price 2450.00

    No. D901
    Victorian silver tray.
    Made by Walker and Hall in Sheffield, 1898.
    Length 24" (61cm). Weight approx. 90 troy oz.(2.8kg).
    Price 4,250.00

    No. G029
    Edwardian Silver 2-Handled Tray.
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. in London, 1903.
    Length from handle to handle 26.5" (67cm). Approx. weight 110.2 troy oz. (3.43kg).
    Price 3,250.00

    No. F394
    French .950 Silver Tray.
    Made by Morel & Co., circa 1880.
    Length 10.25" (26cm). Weight 12.57 troy oz. (391g).
    Price 465.00

    No. F093
    Silver 12.5" (32cm) tray.
    Made by E. Viners in Sheffield, 1939.
    Diameter 12.5" (32cm). Weight 24.56 troy oz. (764g).
    Price 465.00

    No. E057
    Silver tea tray.
    Made by Henry & Arthur Vander in London, 1911.
    Length from handle to handle 22" (56cm). Weight approx. 75.5 troy oz. (2.35kg)
    Price 2,650.00

    No. E162
    Silver dressing table tray.
    Made by W. G. Sothers & CO. in Birmingham, 1913.
    Length 11.25" (29cm).Weight 11.8 troy oz. (367g).
    Price 395.00

    No. D831
    Victorian silver & tortoiseshell dressing table tray.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length 11.25" (28.5cm).
    Price 2,750.00

    No. B0365
    A silver tray.
    Made by William Hutton & Sons in Sheffield, 1930.
    Length 22.5" (57cm).
    Price 2,400.

    No. B0141
    A Victorian silver dressing table tray.
    Made by H. Matthews in Birmingham, 1897.
    Price 445.00

    No. B0132
    An Indian silver tea tray.
    Not marked, made circa 1900. Width 17" (43cm).
    Price 255.00