Save Burlington Arcade
(Even though the three weeks to lodge an objection is up, if you wish to object, YOU STILL CAN!
Up until the planning committee meet later this month - April)

The owners of Burlington Arcade have submitted new plans to Westminster City Planning Department -
to replace the Arcade floor with brand new beige quartzite and black marble tiled flooring.

Beige quartzite can already be seen in modern shopping malls (and bathrooms) the world over but it would be out of character
and wholly inappropriate in the Arcade, which is not a contemporary Las Vegas or Dubai-style shopping mall.
If allowed, it will change the Arcade's character forever!

It is essential that as many objections as possible are sent to Westminster City Planning Department before the planning committee meet later this month (April).
This is the only way to stop this vandalism.

How You Can Help

By emailing directly to Westminster planning office at:

Quoting this reference number: 12/01433/LBC (copy & paste it):

Stating that you "object to the application" (you do not have to give a reason, but better if you do)
Anonymous comments will not be considered, so your name & address must be attached

Or write directly to:
Westminster City Planning Department
Westminster City Hall,
64 Victoria Street,

(also quoting the reference number, your name & address and that you "object to the application")


If you would like to read the planning application in full, it can be viewed on Westminster Planning Department's website, following the link below.
You can also object via the applications page on the website, under the "make a public comment" heading.

12/01433/LBC - Installation of replacement paving to arcade floor. - Burlington Arcade London


The Case Officer at Westminster City planning is:
Mr Robert Ayton.
Tel: 020 7641 2978

Westminster Planning Department
Tel: 020 7641 2513


Save Burlington Arcade - News and Press Coverage

5th April 2012
Letter received from MERJS Ltd (managing agents for the Arcade)
It clearly shows that the developers still have intentions to paint the Georgian brickwork (which was always publicly denied!)
(This is NOT "restoring the Arcade back to its former glory" as quoted in their PR press releases)

The letter continues to talk about 'temporary artworks being suspended'. However they withdrew the planning application for this!
(Btw, 'temporary' can be anything up to 25 years in planning application terms!)

The letter talks about "Retail Lighting Guidelines" for the shops.
(The push to remove the individual look from the independent shops is now underway!)
Read the letter for yourself.

26th March 2012
Stephen Fry tweets to 4,119,000 followers:
"New Burlington Arcade owners want B&W shiny tiles. Won't be happy till it's a revoltingly vulgar Dubai mall Help!

25th March 2012
Amusing the Zillion
London Calling: Saving Burlington Arcade from Thor

23rd March 2012
West End Extra
Letter by Jan Prebble
We'll Fight Again For Arcade

23rd March 2012
West End Extra
Developerís Face New Bid, As Campaigners Battle Over Historic Arcade Floor

20th March 2012
Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog
London Needs Help To Save Burlington Arcade From The Developers Ė Again

14th - 19th March 2012
A few of the many hundreds that retweeted about Save Burlington Arcade:
Max Pemberton (Author and 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor' columnist for The Telegraph)
Rob Brydon (Actor, comedian and radio & television presenter)
Jay Rayner (The Observer food critic & BBC 1 One Show)
Charlie Higson (Actor, comedian and author)
Alan Davies (Comedian, writer and actor)
Kim Ismay (Actress - Mamma Mia)
Cheryl Baker (Singer - Bucks Fizz)
Annabel Giles (TV presenter)
Gabrielle (Singer)
London Historians (

10th March 2012
The Times - LUXX Magazine
Fashion's Favourite Architect - Peter Marino

10th March 2012
Letter from Westminster City Planning Department
Informing of the application for a replacement floor in Burlington Arcade.

Previous Press Coverage

Plans to turn historic Burlington Arcade into a bland Las Vegas/Dubai-style shopping mall
triggered a phenomenal outcry, not only from anxious Londoners but also from legions of fans around the world.
Many celebrities also voiced their concerns, including Dame Judy Dench, Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley and Michael Winner.

To all of you, we are eternally grateful and thank you for your continued support in the Arcade's hour of need.
Our archive includes some of the coverage of the 2011 campaign battle...

6th January 2012
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January 2012
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16th November 2011
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9th November 2011
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4th November 2011
Article in Country Life
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1st November 2011
LBC News
Listen to Jim Diamond (mp3 player)

1st November 2011
A Letter Of Objection
By Geoffrey Munn, Managing Director of Wartski

31st November 2011
Stephen Fry - tweets to 3,300,000 followers:
"Revolting plans to turn the glorious Burlington Arcade
into a tarty Prada, G&B hell like any vulgar street anywhere."

29th October 2011
A Letter Of Objection
By Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London

29th October 2011
Article in Financial Times
"Developer Out To Silence The Doubters"

28th October 2011
The Guardian
Constructive Criticism: The Week In Architecture

28th October 2011
Estate Gazette
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25th October 2011
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24th October 2011
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23rd October 2011
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23rd October 2011
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21st October 2011
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14th October 2011
The Guardian
Simon Hoggart's week: the battle for Burlington Arcade

11th October 2011
The Westminster Chronicle
Letters: "Save Burlington Arcade"

8th October 2011
The Financial Times - Letter to the Editor, from Trevor Pickett
"We Have Seen Bigger Brands Change The Landscape Before"

6th October 2011
ITV1 - London Tonight - 6pm
"Daniel Bexfield & Susannah Lovis Discusses The Future Of The Burlington Arcade"

1st October 2011
The Financial Times - Letter to the Editor, from Daniel Bexfield
"The Brash New Look Planned For London's Regency Gem"

Peter Marino
(The real architect behind Burlington Arcade modernisation)
"I like that my stores aren't built to last"
Refers to The Burlington Arcade as "an historic thing"

30th September 2011
Article in The Evening Standard
"Developer Denies Spoiling Historic Burlington Arcade"

24th September 2011
Financial Times - Letter to the Editor
"Arcade's appeal lies with its distinctive traders"

17th September 2011
Article in Financial Times
"Burlington Arcade buying into wealthy tourists"

See the Developer's Proposed New Look For The Burlington Arcade