Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

£501 to £1000

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    No. Y091
    Edwardian Silver 'Chair' Pin Cushion
    Made by John & William Deakin, Chester 1902
    Price £765.00

    No. Y077
    George III Silver 'Flowers & Trellis' Vinaigrette
    Made by Sarah & John Blake, London 1813
    Price £735.00

    No. Y076
    George IV Silver 'Classical Acanthus Leaf Rosette' Vinaigrette
    Made by Ledsam & Co, Birmingham 1824
    Price £745.00

    No. Y075
    Victorian Silver 'Scrolls' Vinaigrette
    Made by Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1840
    Price £795.00

    No. Y071
    A Smallish George III Silver Sauce Boat
    Made by William Skeen, London 1769
    Price £695.00

    No. Y069
    Novelty Victorian Silver 'Dairy Can' Cream Jug
    Made by Joseph Braham, London 1893
    Price £645.00

    No. Y065
    French Silver & Blue Enamel Picture Frame
    Made by C. Gall, Paris c.1930
    Price £585.00

    No. Y053
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel Patent 'Coin Counter' Sovereign Case
    Made by Horton & Allday, Birmingham 1909
    Price £595.00

    No. Y051
    Victorian Silver 'Safety Side Lock' Sovereign Case
    Made by Benjamin Thomas Greening, Chester 1905
    Price £595.00

    No. Y034
    Georgian Silver & Tortoiseshell 'Dr Kent's' Magnifying Glass
    Made circa 1820
    Price £595.00

    No. Y021
    Victorian Silver 'Grape Vine' Grape Scissors
    Made by Charles Rawlings & William Summers, London 1851
    Price £595.00

    No. Y020
    George III Silver Grape Scissors
    Made by William Eley & William Fearn, London 1818
    Price £645.00

    No. Y016
    Victorian Silver & Cut Glass Brandy/Hip Flask
    Made by 'J.B & Co', Birmingham 1895
    Price £765.00

    No. Y015
    Silver Brandy/Hip Flask
    Made by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1910
    Price £535.00

    No. Y014
    Victorian Silver Brandy/Hip Flask
    Made by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1891
    Price £575.00

    No. Y002
    Art Deco Silver Sugar Caster
    Made by Charles Edwards, London 1901
    Price £595.00

    No. X051
    Silver 'School' Hand Bell
    Made by Penhaligon's, London 2003
    Price £595.00

    No. X043
    Edwardian Silver & Mother of Pearl 'Teddy Bear' Baby's Rattle
    Made by Sydney & Co, Birmingham 1908
    Price £575.00

    No. X041
    Edwardian Silver Miniature Copy of the America's Cup
    Made by William Hutton & Sons, Birmingham 1903
    Price £875.00

    No. X013
    William IV Silver 'Mary Williams, St Agnes' Snuff Box
    Made by Francis Clark, Birmingham 1834
    Price £675.00

    No. X012
    George III Silver Bright-cut Helmet Cream Jug
    Made by William Abdy, London 1798
    Price £795.00

    No. W096
    Modernist Silver & Tiger's-Eye Cylindrical Box
    Made by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1977
    Price £595.00

    No. W073
    Set of 6 Cast Silver 'Fish' Chopsticks/Knife Rests
    Made by A. Norman, London/Birmingham 1988/94
    Price £660.00

    No. W037
    Georgian Silver, Steel & Mother of Pearl Pocket Corkscrew
    Made by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham c.1800
    Price £765.00

    No. V149
    9ct White Gold & Mother of Pearl Cufflinks & Shirt Buttons Dress Set
    Made by Strickett & Loder, Birmingham 1982
    Price £565.00

    No. V140
    Victorian silver 'Naturalistic Leaf' Chamberstick & Snuffer
    Made by Yapp & Woodward, Birmingham 1845
    Price £845.00

    No. V126
    Silver 'Fan' Pin Cushion
    Made by Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1912
    Price £755.00

    No. V025
    Victorian Silver Cheese Boring Iron
    Made by S. Blanckensee & Sons Ltd, Birmingham 1899
    Price £735.00

    No. U129
    George III Silver 'Blind' Nipple Shield
    Made by Francis Higgins, London 1819
    Price £695.00

    No. U114
    Heavy Cast Silver Table Bell
    Made by J.B. Chatterley & Sons, London 1961
    Price £595.00

    No. U105
    Britannia Standard Silver Sugar Caster
    Made by F.C. Richards, London 1937
    Price £595.00

    No. U100
    Art Deco Silver & Mother of Pearl Fruit Knives & Forks
    Made by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, London 1934
    Price £595.00

    No. U090
    Edwardian Silver 'Swallows, Butterflies & Bulrushes' Skirt Lifter/Hem Holder
    Made by Hammond, Turner & Sons, Birmingham 1902
    Price £765.00

    No. U062
    Silver Engine-Turned Pocket Petrol Lighter
    Made by Bach & Cooper, Birmingham 1950
    Price £595.00

    No. U055
    French Silver Surgeon's Forceps
    Made by Aure-Marie Retoré, Paris c.1830
    Price £595.00

    No. T176
    German Arts & Crafts .835 Standard Silver Candle Holder
    Made by 'B.W.K.S', Circa 1930
    Price £645.00

    No. S147
    Victorian Silver 'Hunting Horn' Table Lighter
    Made by Joseph Braham, London 1895
    Price £695.00

    No. R057
    A Rare George III Silver 'NOYAU' Wine Label
    Made by Elizabeth Morley, London 1803
    Price £575.00

    No. R056
    A Rare William IV Silver 'VIDONIA' Wine Label
    Made by Taylor & Perry, Birmingham 1832
    Price £575.00

    No. P284
    George III Silver 'CAYENNE, TARRAGON & HARVEY' Sauce/Cruet Labels
    Made by Charles Rawlings, London 1819
    Price £645.00

    No. P184
    Georgian Gold & Cornelian Intaglio Fob Seal
    Circa 1780
    Price £525.00

    No. N042
    American Silver & Steel Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Simon Brothers, Philadelphia c.1850
    Price £685.00

    No. N006
    George III Silver Gilt Doctors Funnel
    Made by Charles Rawlings of London in 1820
    Price £585.00

    No. M115
    American Art Nouveau Silver Cake / Fish Slice
    Made by Gorham of Providence, circa 1905
    Price £595.00

    No. N082
    Exeter Silver 'Gadroon' Fish Slice
    Made by Simon Levy of Exeter in 1824
    Price £645.00

    No. I063
    Victorian silver & steel carriage key
    Made by Samuel & Ernest Drew of London in 1892
    Price £655.00

    No. D808
    18th Century German silver capstan trencher salt cellar
    Made circa 1710
    Price £875.00

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