Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

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    No. W010
    Silver 'Llandudno' Pocket Fruit Knife
    Made by Arthur Staniforth, Sheffield 1913
    Price £185.00

    No. W009
    Continental .800 Silver Lorgnettes
    Made circa 1920
    Price £275.00

    No. W008
    Silver Telescopic Toasting Fork
    Made by Docker & Burn, Birmingham 1923
    Price £445.00

    No. W007
    Set of 6 Silver 'Hanoverian Rattail' Pattern Dessert Spoons
    Made by Francis Stebbings, London 1917
    Price £485.00

    No. W006
    Victorian Silver 'Fiddle' Pattern Condiment Ladle
    Made by Henry & Henry Lias, London 1850
    Price £85.00

    No. W005
    Pair of George IV Silver 'Fiddle & Shell' Pattern Salt Spoons
    Made by Richard Poulden, London 1822
    Price £125.00

    No. W004
    Silver 'Wishbone' Sugar Tongs
    Made by Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1917
    Price £165.00

    No. W003
    Small Gilded Silver Sugar Tongs
    Made by David Fullerton, London 1930
    Price £95.00

    No. W001
    Set of 6 Victorian Silver 'Fiddle' Pattern Dessert Forks
    Made by George Adams, London 1847
    Price £435.00

    No. V215
    A Large Royal Silver Sailing Cup of Exceptional Quality & Detail
    with original oak case
    Presented by Her Majesty Queen Victoria

    Made by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1860
    Price £85,000.00

    No. V213
    Silver Graduated Curb-Link Double Albert Watch Chain
    Made by 'E.F.C', Birmingham 1933
    Price £285.00

    No. V211
    Victorian Silver Protracting Propelling Pencil Bookmark
    Made by L. Spiers, Birmingham 1886
    Price £595.00

    No. V209
    Victorian Silver 'Curved' Card Case
    Made by George Unite, Birmingham 1897
    Price £375.00

    No. V208
    Japanese Silver Double-Stamp Box
    Made circa 1920
    Price £365.00

    No. V206
    Victorian Silver Beaker
    Made by John, Edward, Walter & John Barnard, London 1876
    Price £375.00

    No. V205
    Victorian Silver 'Teapot' Pepperette
    Made by Henry Bourne, Birmingham 1899
    Price £265.00

    No. V204
    A Tiny Edwardian Silver Teddy Bear
    Made by H.V. Pithey & Co, Birmingham 1909
    Price £235.00

    No. V203
    Silver 'Just A Thimbleful' Thimble-Shaped Whisky/Shot/Tot Cup
    Made by James Swann & Son, Birmingham 1979
    Price £345.00

    No. V202
    Silver & Glass Individual Whisky 'Glug-Glug' Noggin
    Made by Asprey & Co, London 1966
    Price £325.00

    No. V201
    George III Silver 'Fiddle & Shell' Pattern Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by Thomas Wallis & Jonathan Hayne, London 1815
    Price £235.00

    No. V199
    Victorian Silver Pierced Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by George Jackson & David Fullerton, London 1899
    Price £235.00

    No. V197
    Edwardian Silver Patent 'Soette' Needlework Compendium
    Made circa 1905
    Price £445.00

    No. V196
    Edwardian Silver & Leather Chatelaine Pin Cushion
    Made by Cornelius Saunders & Francis Shepherd, Chester 1901
    Price £365.00

    No. V195
    Victorian Silver Case Fob/Pendant with Magnifying Glass For
    'The Smallest English Dictionary In The World'

    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1893
    Price £595.00

    No. V194
    Silver, Oak & Steel Pepper Grinder
    Made by Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1912
    Price £285.00

    No. V193
    Silver & Wood Pierced Wine Coaster
    Made by Broadway & Co, Birmingham 1997
    Price £185.00

    No. V192
    9ct Gold Compass Fob/Pendant
    Made by Payton, Pepper & Sons Ltd, Chester 1921
    Price £395.00

    No. V191
    Silver & 9ct Gold Cheroot/Cigarette Holder & Case
    Made by Villiers & Jackson, Birmingham 1921
    Price £165.00

    No. V188
    Victorian Silver 'Rose' Brooch
    Made by 'BL', Birmingham 1883
    Price £155.00

    No. V187
    Victorian Silver Brooch
    Made by Henry Pope, Birmingham 1883
    Price £165.00

    No. V186
    American Silver 'Acorns & Oak Leaf' Brooch
    Made by Danecraft, Providence c.1935
    Price £235.00

    No. V185
    Victorian Silver & Bristol Blue Glass Pierced Basket/Dish
    Made by Henry Wilkinson & Co, London 1891
    Price £595.00

    No. V184
    Silver 5-Branch Ring Tree
    Made by W.J. Myatt & Co, Birmingham 1925
    Price £295.00

    No. V183
    Silver & Glass Oil & Vinegar/Bitters Bottles
    Made by Alexander, Clark & Co, Birmingham 1931
    Price £375.00

    No. V182
    Edwardian Silver Moustache/Eyebrow Brush
    Made by Arthur & John Zimmerman, Birmingham 1903
    Price £175.00

    No. V179
    Late 17th Century Silver, Mother of Pearl & Tortoiseshell Snuff Box
    Decorated with a Mask of a Bear & Imp

    Made circa 1695
    Price £1,295.00

    No. V178
    Silver 5-Bar Toast Rack with Crumb Tray
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, London 1936
    Price £355.00

    No. V177
    Irish Silver Half-Size Dish Ring
    Made by James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler, Dublin 1905
    Price £595.00

    No. V172
    Pair of Victorian Silver 'Lyre' Candlesticks
    Made by George Howson, London 1896
    Price £1,650.00

    No. V171
    Large Arts & Crafts Silver Bowl
    Made by Edward Barnard & Sons, London 1927
    Price £1,495.00

    No. V168
    Large American Silver Brandy/Hip Flask
    Made by Tiffany & Co, New York c.1898
    Price £1,650.00

    No. V167
    American Silver 'Rotary Dial' Telephone Dialler
    Made by Tiffany & Co, Circa 1935
    Price £345.00

    No. V166
    Dutch Silver Miniature Fireplace Shovel
    Made by Arnoldus van Geffen, Amsterdam 1767
    Price £465.00

    No. V165
    Edwardian Silver & Steel Pocket/Campaign Corkscrew
    Made by George Unite, Birmingham 1902
    Price £475.00

    No. V164
    Small Danish Silver & Steel Cactus Pattern Bottle Opener
    Made by Georg Jensen, Import marks for London 1936
    Price £285.00

    No. V161
    Edwardian Silver & Steel Boot/Shoe Button Hook
    Made by Adie & Lovekin Ltd, Birmingham 1906
    Price £145.00

    No. V157
    Scottish Provincial Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoon
    Made by Robert Keay, Perth c.1800
    Price £68.00

    No. V156
    Victorian Silver Chamberstick, Candle Snuffer & Matchbox Holder
    Made by Samuel Jacob, London 1897
    Price £465.00

    No. V154
    Silver & Glass Jam Pot
    Made by John Turton, Sheffield 1932
    Price £275.00

    No. V151
    Irish Silver 'Cast Celtic Border' Salver
    Made by Royal Irish Silver Co, Dublin 1974
    Price £1,375.00

    No. V150
    Dutch Silver Pierced & Engraved 'Fruit & Flowers' Basket
    Made in Arnhem c.1930
    Price £745.00

    No. V149
    9ct White Gold & Mother of Pearl Cufflinks & Shirt Buttons Dress Set
    Made by Strickett & Loder, Birmingham 1982
    Price £565.00

    No. V148
    Art Deco 9ct White Gold & Mother of Pearl Cufflinks & Shirt Buttons Dress Set
    Made circa 1930s
    Price £645.00

    No. V147
    18ct Gold 'Engine-Turned' Oval Cufflinks
    Made by George Johnstone, Birmingham 1925
    Price £595.00

    No. V146
    9ct Rose Gold 'Crested' Cufflinks
    Made by George Johnstone, Birmingham 1911
    Price £425.00

    No. V144
    9ct Rose Gold & Enamel 'Royal Artillery' Cufflinks
    Made by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1950
    Price £595.00

    No. V143
    9ct Rose Gold 'Engraved Scrolls' Cufflinks
    Made by Charles Westwood & Sons, Birmingham 1919
    Price £395.00

    No. V142
    Art Deco 9ct Rose Gold Engine-Turned 'Sunburst' Cufflinks
    Made by Cropp & Farr, Birmingham 1934
    Price £285.00

    No. V140
    Victorian silver 'Naturalistic Leaf' Chamberstick & Snuffer
    Made by Yapp & Woodward, Birmingham 1845
    Price £845.00

    No. V138
    French .935 Silver 'Cherubs & Basket of Flowers' Trinket Box
    Made circa 1920
    Price £395.00

    No. V136
    The Oldest Known English Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Tablespoon
    Made by Isaac Callard, London 1739
    Price £3,450.00

    No. V132
    Art Nouveau Silver & Dark Green Leather Purse
    Made by Charles Penny Brown, Birmingham 1903
    Price £265.00

    No. V130
    Edwardian Silver Registered Design 'Sword' Bookmark with Cover Clip
    Made by M Brothers, Birmingham 1906
    Price £325.00

    No. V128
    Edwardian Silver & Agate Bookmark
    Made by Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1905
    Price £235.00

    No. V127
    Victorian Silver & Mother of Pearl Bookmark
    Made by Adie & Lovekin Ltd, Birmingham 1897
    Price £195.00

    No. V126
    Silver 'Fan' Pin Cushion
    Made by Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1912
    Price £755.00

    No. V123
    Dutch .835 Silver Cake Slice
    Made by 'V.D.B', The Hague 1906
    Price £225.00

    No. V116
    Victorian Silver Old English Bead Pattern Sugar Spoon
    Made by Henry Wilkinson & Co, Sheffield 1870
    Price £115.00

    No. V114
    Silver Jam Spoon
    Made by James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield 1935
    Price £58.00

    No. V112
    Small Victorian Silver & Dark Green Leather 8-Day Carriage Clock
    Made by William Frederick Williams, London 1879
    Price £2,250.00

    No. V110
    Silver Cream Jug
    Made by Emile Viner, Sheffield 1936
    Price £255.00

    No. V109
    Silver Cream Jug with Gadrooned, Shell & Scroll Border
    Made by Harry Atkins, Sheffield 1926
    Price £265.00

    No. V108
    Silver Cream Jug with Gadrooned Border
    Made by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1924
    Price £275.00

    No. V103
    Silver 3-Piece Tea Set with a Gadrooned Wavy Border
    Made by William & George Sissons, London 1923/7
    Price £1,375.00

    No. V102
    Art Deco Silver 3-Piece Tea Set
    Made by J.W. Benson Ltd, London 1938
    Price £1,195.00

    No. V101
    Silver 3-Piece Pierced 'Swan' Cruet Set
    Made by Alexander, Clark & Co, Birmingham 1924
    Price £445.00

    No. V099
    Pair of Silver Salt & Pepper Pots
    Made by Horton & Allday, Birmingham 1913/4
    Price £285.00

    No. V097
    Large Silver Hand-Pierced 'Grape Vine' 2-Handled Dish/Comport
    Made by Emile Viner, Sheffield 1950
    Price £2,350.00

    No. V096
    Victorian Silver & Doulton Lambeth Cream Jug
    Made by Cornelius Saunders & Frances Shepherd, London 1889
    Price £195.00

    No. V095
    Large Arts & Crafts Silver 'Hammered' Decorated 2-Handled Bowl
    Made by Stewart Dawson Ltd, London 1909
    Price £3,875.00

    No. V093
    Pair of Heavy Victorian Silver Café Au Lait Pots
    Made by Elkington & Co, London 1895
    Price £1,795.00

    No. V092
    Silver & Steel 4-Piece Carving Set
    Made by George Howson, Sheffield 1911
    Price £445.00

    No. V091
    Set of 24 Art Deco Silver Fish Knives & Forks
    Made by Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1935
    Price £1,495.00

    No. V090
    A Silver 88-Piece 'English King' Pattern Cutlery Set
    Made by Tiffany & Co, New York c.1900
    Price £12,950.00

    No. V088
    Edwardian Silver Tea Caddy With Lion Mask Handles
    Made by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1909
    Price £765.00

    No. V087
    American Art Deco Silver Bowl
    Made by Worden-Munnis Co, Boston c.1940
    Price £395.00

    No. V086
    George III Silver Coffee Pot
    Made by Thomas Whipham & Charles Wright, London 1765
    Price £2,950.00

    No. V083
    George III Silver Bone Marrow Scoop
    Made by William London, London 1767
    Price £285.00

    No. V082
    George III Silver Old English Thread Pattern Bone Marrow Scoop
    Made by Richard Crossley, London 1792
    Price £295.00

    No. V078
    Victorian Silver & Glass 'Unicorn Horn' Scent Bottle
    Made circa 1885
    Price £445.00

    No. V076
    George IV Silver Prick-dotted 'Flower' Decorated Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by Thomas Freeth, London 1821
    Price £295.00

    No. V075
    George III Silver 'Shaped-Fiddle' Pattern Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by Thomas Wallis, London 1808
    Price £265.00

    No. V069
    Silver Magnifying Glass
    Made by Samuel Jacob, London 1911
    Price £345.00

    No. V065
    9ct Gold Telescopic Propelling Pencil
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1920
    Price £675.00

    No. V062
    Small Silver '2 Little Cherubs & Flowers' Pill Box
    By 'CM & JS', Import marks for London 1973
    Price £195.00

    No. V057
    Victorian Silver & Cork 'Lucky Horseshoe' Bottle Stopper
    Made by John Clemmens, Birmingham 1898
    Price £135.00

    No. V053
    Victorian Silver 'Scroll-Edge' Vesta Case
    Made by M. Brothers, Birmingham 1898
    Price £235.00

    No. V050
    Silver Retractable Pocket Button Hook
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, Circa 1910
    Price £245.00

    No. V048
    Edwardian Silver Sprung 'Lucky Wishbone' Sugar Tongs
    Made by Henry Stuart Brown, London 1901
    Price £165.00

    No. V045
    Silver 'Leaf' Pin Tray
    Made by Barker Ellis Silver Co, Birmingham 1986
    Price £145.00

    No. V044
    Silver Decanter Drip Catcher
    Made by Richard Richardson, Sheffield 1914
    Price £375.00

    No. V040
    Victorian Gold Thimble
    Made circa 1870
    Price £285.00

    No. V037
    9ct Gold 'Dog' Charm/Pendant
    Made in London 1966
    Price £335.00

    No. V036
    9ct Gold 'Vintage Car' Charm/Pendant
    Made by Z Ltd, London 1967
    Price £145.00

    No. V034
    Art Nouveau Silver Nurse's Buckle
    Made by William Comyns, London 1900
    Price £875.00

    No. V033
    Silver 3-Compartment Cigar Case
    Made by Joseph Gloster Ltd, Birmingham 1914
    Price £335.00

    No. V032
    Silver 'Theatre' Pocket Torch
    Made by William Manton Ltd, Birmingham 1940
    Price £355.00

    No. V026
    Silver Straight Curb-link Double Albert Watch Chain
    Made by Henry Pope, Birmingham 1920
    Price £245.00

    No. V025
    Victorian Silver Cheese Boring Iron
    Made by S. Blanckensee & Sons Ltd, Birmingham 1899
    Price £735.00

    No. V023
    Victorian Silver 'Mr Punch' Sealing Wax & Matches Holder
    Made by Samuel Jacob, London 1895
    Price £445.00

    No. V018
    Edwardian Silver Miniature of an Elizabethan Chair
    Made by Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1909
    Price £325.00

    No. V016
    Silver Miniature of Sir Francis Drake's Chair
    Made by S.J. Rose, Birmingham 1974
    Price £235.00

    No. V015
    Silver Miniature 'Wicker' Chair
    Made circa 1910
    Price £265.00

    No. V013
    A Very Small Edwardian Silver 'Elephant' Pin Cushion
    Made by Adie & Lovekin Ltd, Birmingham 1909
    Price £875.00

    No. V006
    A Victorian Silver 'Padlock' Vesta Case
    Made by Alfred Wigley, Birmingham 1882
    Price £1,175.00