Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. T195
    Rare Russian Silver & Niello Vesta Case
    Made in 1865
    Price £975.00

    No. P289
    Silver & Enamel 'Wembley 1924' British Empire Exhibition Bookmark
    Made by Charles Horner, Chester 1923
    Price £375.00

    No. R029
    Art Deco Silver & Enamel Bookmark
    Made by Turner & Simpson, Birmingham 1946
    Price £365.00

    No. U122
    Small Chinese Silver & Enamel Rice Wine Cup & Saucer
    Made by Bao Xing (Bo Hing), Canton c.1870
    Price £1,275.00

    No. T194
    Chinese Silver, Wood & Enamel Opium Box
    Made circa 1880
    Price £875.00

    No. T063
    German .935 Silver & Enamel Hand-painted 'Roses & Forget-Me-Nots' Box
    Made circa 1910
    Price £595.00

    No. S086
    Art Deco Silver & Blue Enamel Hand Mirror
    Made by Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1938
    Price £295.00

    No. T045
    Silver & Enamel 'Yacht Club Flag' Pin/Ash Tray
    Made by G. Bryan & Co, Birmingham 1920
    Price £195.00

    No. S133
    Chinese Export Silver Filigree & Enamel Calling Card Case
    Made circa 1840
    Price £2,850.00

    No. N085
    Silver & Enamel 'Weston Super Mare' Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by Alfred James Blake, Birmingham 1913
    Price £165.00

    No. S084
    Silver & Blue Enamel Hand Mirror
    Made by H.W. Plate Manufacturing Company, Birmingham 1929
    Price £345.00

    No. S066
    Soviet Union Silver & Enamel Vodka Cup & Saucer
    Made in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) 1964
    Price £645.00

    No. P308
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel 'Eucalyptus Flower' Pin Tray
    Made by Charles Green, London 1905
    Price £395.00

    No. Q068
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Hounds' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Sampson Mordan, London 1887
    Price £1,625.00

    No. Q067
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Dog's Head' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1886
    Price £735.00

    No. Q085
    Victorian Silver & Enamel Carriage Clock
    By John George Smith, Import marks for London 1898
    Price £2,295.00

    No. Q066
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Dog's Head' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1886
    Price £765.00

    No. Q121
    Art Nouveau Silver & Enamel 'Cymric' Napkin Ring
    Made by Liberty & Co, Birmingham 1903
    Designed by Archibald Knox
    Price £445.00

    No. Q074
    Art Deco Silver & Enamel Cigarette Case & Matchbook Case
    By Barker Brothers Silver Ltd, Birmingham 1930/1
    Price £645.00

    No. Q048
    Silver & Yellow Enamel Compact Case
    By P H Vogel, Import marks for London 1929
    Price £345.00

    No. Q072
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Inns of Courts' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Cornelius Saunders & Francis Shepherd, Birmingham 1896
    Price £575.00

    No. Q071
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Maritime Signal Flags' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Frederick William Bauer , Birmingham 1894
    Price £435.00

    No. Q070
    French Silver & Enamel Vesta Case/Match Safe
    of a Lady Cyclist & A 'Tour de France' Racer

    Made by Etienne-Casimir Janvier, Paris c.1890
    Price £975.00

    No. Q073
    Silver & Enamel 'The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough' Cigarette Case
    By F B Reynolds, Import marks for London 1930
    Price £1,175.00

    No. Q069
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Ostrich' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co., London 1891

    No. P088
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Sailing Ship' Vesta Case
    Made by Sampson Mordan, London 1889

    No. P222
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel 'Hunting' Vesta Case
    Made by Samuel M. Levi, Birmingham 1907
    Price £675.00

    No. P140
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel Bookmark
    Made by Simpson Benzie, Birmingham 1906
    Price £265.00

    No. P192
    Silver & Enamel Envelope Stamp Case
    Made by Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1919
    Price £235.00

    No. P089
    'GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN 1837 - 1887 JUBILEE'
    Victorian Silver & Enamel Vesta Case

    Royal Provenance: Given by Princess Beatrice
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1886
    Price £1,195.00

    No. M033
    Silver & Enamel Rubber Bridge Score Marker
    Made by Deakin & Francis of Birmingham in 1893
    Price £1,495.00

    No. F384
    Large silver & enamel compact case for the Royal Indian Army Service Corps .
    Made circa 1920.
    Price £475.00

    No. F181
    Austrian silver & enamel cigarette case.
    Made circa 1900.
    Price £2,250.00

    No. G019
    Arabic Silver & Niello Menu Holder.
    Made circa 1920.
    Price £325.00

    No. M038
    Silver & Enamel Nurse's Buckle.
    Made by Levi & Salaman of Birmingham in 1912.
    Price £1,295.00

    No. K017
    Austrian Silver & Enamel Desk Seal.
    Made circa 1890.
    Price £1295.00

    No. M004
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel Three Colour Pencil.
    Made by William Hornby of London, circa 1905.
    Price £475.00

    No. M003
    Victorian Silver & Enamel Two Colour Pencil.
    Made by Alfred Dingley of Birmingham in 1892.
    Price £475.00

    No. F383
    French 18ct gold, blue enamel & glass scent bottle.
    Made circa 1870.
    Price £795.00

    No. J141
    French .935 Silver & Pink Enamel Desk Blotter.
    Made circa 1920.
    Price £1275.00

    No. K228
    The Leslie Burgin 'Minister of Transport' Silver & Enamel Box.
    Made by Asprey & Co. of London in 1938.
    Price £12,450.00

    No. K033
    Silver & Enamel Caddy Spoon.
    Made by Turner & Simpson of Birmingham in 1955.
    Price £225.00

    No. K175
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel Stamp Case.
    Made by William J. Holmes of Birmingham in 1904.
    Price £265.00

    No. K220
    Victorian Silver & Enamel Paper Knife & Ruler.
    Made by Hilliard & Thomason of Birmingham in 1895.
    Price £435.00

    No. K064
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel Pill Box.
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel of Birmingham in 1909.
    Price £365.00

    No. J240
    Silver & Enamel Match Strike.
    Made by Carrington & Co. of London in 1917.
    Price £2850.00

    No. J233
    Silver & Enamel 'Scotland Forever' Bookmark.
    Made by J. Cook & Son of Birmingham 1910.
    Price £295.00

    No. F410
    Silver & Enamel Poker Chips.
    Made by The Adie Brothers in Birmingham, 1928.
    (There is a chip to the enamel on the "Jack").
    Length of chip 2.25" (6cm).
    Price £795.00

    No. J231
    Silver & Enamel Fruit knife.
    Made by William Needham of Sheffield 1912.
    Price £595.00

    No. J167
    Silver & Blue Enamel Hand Mirror.
    Made by Adie Bothers of Birmingham in 1934.
    Price £295.00

    No. G217
    French Silver & Enamel "I Love Liberty" Patch Box.
    Made circa 1770.
    Height 1.75" (4cm).
    Price £2,450.00

    No. J220
    Fifteen Carat Gold & Enamel Australian Teaspoon.
    Made circa 1910.
    Price £BKMEN

    No. J122
    Silver & Blue Enamel Ash Tray.
    Made by H. Matthews of Birmingham in 1925.
    Price £225.00

    No. I096
    Silver & Enamel 'Flags Of The Allies' Napkin Rings.
    Made by W. Wilkinson Ltd. of Birmingham in 1914.
    Price £645.00

    No. I026
    Silver & Enamel 'Spades' Glass Markers.
    Made by A. Scott of Birmingham in 1928.
    Price £445.00

    No. F303
    Victorian silver & enamel "Cricket" fob.
    Made by Robinson Brothers in Birmingham, 1889.
    Length including ring 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price £225.00

    No. F165
    Silver & enamel "Cricket" fob.
    Made by J. W. Tiptatt & Son Ltd. in Bimingham, 1931.
    Diameter 1.2" (2.25cm).
    Price £195.00

    No. F213
    Arts & Craft Continental silver & enamel dish.
    Made Circa 1900.
    (The enamel is damaged in places).
    Diameter 6.25" (16cm). Weight 8.48 troy oz. (264g).
    Price £335.00

    No. H121
    Scandinavian Silver & Enamel Sugar Sifter.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length 4.5" (11.3cm).
    Price £275.00

    No. H113
    Silver & Blue Enamel Pill Box.
    Made by Turner & Simpson in Birmingham, 1927.
    Diameter 1.6" (4cm).
    Price £225.00

    No. H138
    Continental .800 Silver & Enamel Locket.
    Made circa 1900.
    Diameter 1" (2.5cm).
    Price £295.00

    No. F304
    Silver & enamel "Cricket" fob.
    Made by B. & L. in Birmingham, 1912.
    Length including ring 1.5" (4cm).
    Price £135.00

    No. H128
    Silver & Enamel 'Silent Night' Musical Box.
    Made by St, James House Collection in London, 1981.
    Numbered 78/500. The base and the movement are brass.
    Height 2.4" (6.2cm).
    Price £435.00

    No. F351
    Silver, enamel & steel penknife.
    Made circa 1910.
    Length open 3.5" (9cm).
    Price £135.00

    No. F433
    Arabic Silver & Niello Vesta Case.
    Made circa 1920.
    Length 2.1" (5.5cm). Weight 2 troy oz. (63g).
    Price £645.00

    No. D412
    Silver and white enamel comb.
    Made by The Adie Brothers in Birmingham, 1936.
    Length 7" (18cm).
    Price £145.00

    No. F133
    Silver & enamel compact case.
    Made by Adie Brothers in Bimingham, 1957.
    Diameter 3" (7.5cm). Weight 3.73 Troy oz. (116g).
    Price £395.00

    No. G202
    French Silver & Niello Sovereign Case.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length including ring 2.75" (7cm). Weight 1.1 troy oz. (34g).
    Price £435.00

    No. H089
    Art-Deco Silver & Enamel Compact Case.
    Made by Walker & Hall in Birmingham, 1937.
    Diameter 3" (7.5cm).
    Price £325.00

    No. H034
    Continental .900 Silver & Blue and White Enamel 'Hand Bag' Mirror.
    Made circa 1910.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price £245.00

    No. F331
    Continental silver & enamel box.
    Made circa 1920, possibly French, retailed in Germany.
    Diameter 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price £445.00

    No. H020
    Scandinavian Silver and White & Turquoise Enamel Tea Strainer.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length 4.75" (12cm)
    Price £295.00

    No. F365
    Continental .935 silver & enamel compact/box.
    Made circa 1920.
    Diameter 2" (5cm).
    Price £795.00

    No. F005
    Silver & pink enamel powder jar.
    Made by The Adie Brothers in Bimingham, 1913.
    Diameter 5.1" (13cm).
    Price £445.00 (reserved).

    No. G226
    French Silver & Enamel Cigarette Holder & Case.
    Made circa 1920.
    Length 1.2" (2.75cm)
    Price £225.00

    No. G144
    Silver & enamel hand mirror.
    Made by D. C. Bros., in London, 1967.
    Length 12" (30cm).
    Price £395.00

    No. G204
    Silver & Enamel "Red Setter" Trinket Box.
    Made by Alexander Clark Co. Ltd. in Birmingham, 1929.
    Dimaeter 2" (5cm). Weight 1.63 troy oz. (51g).
    Price £445.00

    No. F321
    Six Victorian silver & enamel tea spoons in a fitted case.
    Import mark for Birmingham, 1897.
    Length 10" (4cm).
    Price £245.00

    No. E377
    Edwardian silver, enamel & stone-set "Bazique" pencil with trumps marker & scorer.
    Made by Edward Baker in Birmingham, 1902.
    Length open 4.5" (1.5cm).
    Price £2,450.00

    No. B066
    A French silver and niello snuff box with cheroot cutter.
    Made circa, 1870. Width 2.25" (5.5cm) depth 0.25" (1cm).
    Price £645.00

    No. E360
    Art Deco silver & enamel pocket watch.
    Made by Tavannes Watch Co., circa 1930.
    (Minor chips to enamel).
    Length 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price £1,250.00

    No. F114
    Art-Deco silver & enamel compact case.
    Made by C. Saunders & F. Shepherd in Chester, 1938.
    (The enamel case has a white border,
    and the top has a green/white centre, fading to pink/white).
    Length 2.75" (7cm).
    Price £345.00

    No. F427
    Gentleman's 9ct Gold & Enamel Pocket Necessaire.
    Magnifying Glass, Perpetual Calendar, Penknife, Watch, Door Key & Pencil.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. in London, 1937, retailed by Asprey.
    Length closed 3" (7cm).
    Price £3,250.00

    No. F428
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel Tantalus Spirit Labels.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. in Chester, 1906/7.
    Diameter 1.12" (3cm).
    Price £1,450.00

    No. B0231
    An 18th Century gold and enamel table snuff box.
    Made by G.R.G in Geneva circa 1790.
    Price £12,950.00

    No. F443
    Silver & Enamel "Flower" Double Locket.
    Made circa 1920.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price £395.00

    No. G011
    Russian Silver & Niello Compass.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length of case 1" (2.5cm). Length including chain 2" (5cm).
    Price £225.00

    No. D881
    Austrian .800 silver & enamel cigarette case.
    Made by George Anton Schied of Vienna, circa 1900.
    Length 3.4" (8.5cm). Weight 3.89 troy oz. (121g).
    Price £1,950.00

    No. F414
    Silver & Enamel Nail Buff.
    Made by Crissford & Norris in Birmingham, 1928.
    Length 3" (7cm).
    Price £195.00

    No. F184
    Silver & yellow enamel powder jar.
    Made by The Adie Brothers in Bimingham, 1933.
    Diameter 4.6" (12.6cm).
    Price £445.00

    No. F029
    Art Deco 5-piece silver & enamel mirror & brush set.
    Made by William Neale Ltd., in Birmingham, 1935.
    Length of mirror 11.5" (29cm).
    Price £895.00

    No. F356
    Silver & enamel box .
    Import mark for London, 1913.
    Diameter 2.2" (5.25cm). 2.47 troy oz. (77g).
    Price £895.00

    No. F140
    Silver & enamel trinket box.
    Made circa 1920.
    Diameter 2" (5cm). Weight 1.22 Troy oz. (38g).
    Price £425.00

    No. E090
    Silver & enamel "grouse" menu holder.
    Made by C. Perry and Co. in Chester, 1929.
    Diameter of base 1.5" (4cm).
    Price £375.00

    No. F324
    Silver, blue & green enamel wrist watch.
    Made by Gucci, circa 1960.
    Length 7.75" (19.5cm).
    Price £1,275.00

    No. F035
    Silver & enamel "flower" glass markers.
    Made circa 1920.
    Length approx. 0.7" (1.25cm).
    Price £345.00

    No. F019
    French silver & niello vesta case.
    With import marks for London, 1879.
    Length 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price £435.00

    No. F246
    Austrian .900 silver & enamel match box cover.
    Made by A. B., circa 1900 (with Russian import marks).
    Length 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price £495.00

    No. F282
    French silver & enamel "Roulette wheel" aide memoir.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length 2.25" (5.5cm).
    Price £1,250.00

    No. F281
    Continental .935 silver & enamel compact case.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length 2.25" (5.5cm).
    Price £1,650.00

    No. D520
    Silver and enamel mirror and two brushes.
    Made by W.W.C. in Birmingham, 1938.
    Length of mirror 10.75" (27cm).
    Price £395.00

    No. F255
    Silver, glass & enamel scent bottle.
    Made by H. Matthews in Birmingham, 1921.
    Height 4.5" (11cm).
    Price £645.00

    No. F162
    Russian silver & cloisonne enamel spoon.
    Made circa 1908-17.
    Length 5.4" (13.5cm).
    Price £245.00

    No. F039
    Russian silver niello spoon.
    Made in Moscow, circa 1880.
    Length 6.25" (16cm). Weight 1.4 troy oz. (44g).
    Price £125.00

    No. D777
    Silver and enamel mirror & three brushes.
    Made by H. Matthews in Birmingham, 1929.
    Length of mirror 9" (23cm).
    Price £425.00

    No. D372
    Silver and enamel match book case.
    Made by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. in Birmingham, 1940.
    Length 2.4" (6cm). Weight 1.7 Troy oz. (53g).
    Price £135.00

    No. D683
    Edwarian silver & enamel "Masonic" bookmark.
    Made by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. in London, 1906.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price £195.00

    No. E066
    Edwardian silver & enamel photograph cigarette case of a fishing scene.
    Made by H. & A. in Birmingham, 1907.
    Length of spoon 3.25" (8.5cm). Weight 3.89 troy oz. (121g)
    Price £1,750.00

    No. D948
    Silver & enamel napkin ring.
    Made in Moscow, 1895.
    Diameter 2" (5cm). Weight 1.64 troy oz. (51g).
    Price £345.00

    No. D906
    Silver, glass & blue emamel thimble.
    Made circa 1920.
    Height 0.8" (2cm).
    Price £325.00

    No. E378
    Edwardian silver and green & white enamel box.
    Made by Levi & Salaman in Birmingham, 1909.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price £245.00

    No. E366
    Silver & blue enamel compact case.
    Made by Turner & Simpson in Birmingham, 1951.
    Diameter 2.5" (6cm).
    Price £295.00

    No. E337
    Silver & green enamel pill box.
    Import marks for London, 1929.
    Diameter 1.1" (2.7cm).
    Price £225.00

    No. E361
    Art Deco silver & blue enamel pill box.
    Made by Turner & Simpson Ltd. in Birmingham, 1936.
    Diameter 1.5" (4cm). Weight 1.12 troy oz. (35g).
    Price £245.00

    No. E280
    Silver & blue enamel hand mirror, brushes & comb in a fitted case.
    Made by Charles Dumenil in London, 1925/6.
    (There is a small chip to the enamel on the comb).
    Length of mirror 10" (25cm).
    Price £645.00

    No. B0268
    A Continental .930 silver and blue enamel carpenter's pencil.
    Made circa 1920. Length 2.75" (7cm).
    Price £275.00

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