Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. P056
    A Rare Large Irish silver Samovar/Tea Urn with Lion-mask Handles
    Made by Robert Breading, Dublin 1803
    Price 11,500.00

    No. P163
    The Tralee Horse Racing Cup
    An Irish 18th Century Silver 2-handled Loving Cup

    Made by Matthew West, Dublin 1791
    Price 6,250.00

    No. Q064
    Irish Silver Fiddle Pattern Soup Ladle
    Made by Richard Sawyer, Dublin 1816
    Price 435.00

    No. Q043
    Irish Silver Pharmaceutical Ladle
    Made by John Smyth & Sons, Dublin 1946
    Price 185.00

    No. J194
    Irish Silver & Glass Doctor's Specimen Box
    Made by Aneas Ryan of Dublin, circa 1800
    Price 3,250.00

    No. M064
    Irish Silver Sugar Tongs.
    Made by Daniel Popkins of Dublin circa 1770.
    Price 335.00

    No. M148
    Six Irish Silver Tablespoons.
    Made by Joseph Gibson of Cork, circa 1790.
    Price 3,350.00

    No. K238
    Irish Silver Box.
    Made by Solomon Joel Phillips of Dublin in 1914.
    Price 1,395.00

    No. M063
    Irish Silver Soup Ladle.
    Made by J. Power of Dublin in 1808.
    Price 795.00

    No. K043
    Irish Silver 'Fiddle' Sauce Ladle.
    Made by Samuel Green of Cork in 1842.
    Price 335.00

    No. M062
    Set Of Four Irish George II Silver Candlesticks.
    Made by Matthew Fowler of Dublin, circa 1755.

    No. L024
    Irish Silver Cast Candlesticks.
    Made by Royal Irish Co. of Dublin in 1970.
    Price 5,950.00

    No. L058
    Irish Silver Sugar Nips.
    Made by Stephen Broughton of Cork, circa 1750.
    Price 1,795.00

    No. K095
    Irish Silver Coaster.
    Made by R.I.I. of Dublin in 1973.
    Price 245.00

    No. K044
    Irish Silver Bright-Cut Sugar Tongs.
    Made by John Power of Dublin, circa 1800.
    Price 225.00

    No. H130
    Irish Silver Cream Jug.
    Made by James Fry in Dublin, 1818.
    Retailed by Alderman West.
    Price 1,450.00

    No. D063
    An Irish silver dish ring
    Made by Weir and Sons in Dublin, 1910.
    Price 1,850.00

    No. D139
    Irish silver tea pot.
    Made by I. B. or J. B. in Dublin, 1808.
    Price 1,950.00

    No. F368
    Irish silver large sugar spoon.
    Made by Edward Power in Dublin 1832.
    (Retailed by Edward Twycross).
    Price 295.00

    No. E163
    Irish silver sugar tongs.
    Made by C. Cummins in Dublin, 1866.
    Price 345.00

    No. F391
    Irish Silver Table Spoon.
    Made by John Power in Dublin, 1796.
    (Crest for "Gallwey of Cork").
    Price 325.00

    No. H163
    Irish Silver Cream Jug..
    Made by Daniel Egan in Dublin, 1808.
    Retailed by Clark & West.
    Price 365.00

    No. F092
    Irish silver mustard spoon.
    Made by C. Cummins in Dublin, 1842.
    Price 95.00

    No. E134
    Irish silver mustard spoon.
    Made by Arthur Murphy in Dublin, circa 1807.
    Price 145.00

    No. E112
    Irish silver patch box.
    Made by John Toleken in Cork, circa 1800.
    Price 495.00

    No. D571
    Irish silver salt spoon.
    Made by J. Buckton in Dublin, 1825.
    Price 95.00

    No. D543
    Irish silver mustard spoon.
    Made by W. in Dublin, 1845.
    Price 95.00

    No. D135
    Irish silver "medical" spoon.
    Made by J. S. in Dublin, 1946.
    Price 95.00

    No. D400
    Irish silver cigar box.
    Made by R. H. A. in Dublin, 1917.
    Price 2,450.00

    No. B0300
    Irish silver sugar tongs.
    Made by Nathaniel Freeman in Dublin, 1824. Length 6.5" (16cm).
    Price 135.00

    No. B0301
    Irish silver soup ladle.
    Made by John Power in Dublin, 1804. Length 14.25" (35.5cm).
    Price 545.00

    No. D006
    An Irish silver Cream jug
    Made by Daniel Egan in Dublin, 1813.
    Price 1450.00