Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. M017
    Silver & Gold Travelling Soap Box.
    Made by Mappin & Webb of London in 1922.
    Price 475.00

    No. F249
    Edwardian silver soap box.
    Made by Samuel & Ernest Drew in London, 1903.
    Length 4" (10cm). Weight 5.5 troy oz. (171g).
    Price 435.00

    No. D303
    Victorian silver shaving brush and soap case.
    Made by W. Wright and F. Davies in London, 1890.
    Height 3.5 - 3.75" (9 - 9.5cm).
    Price 465.00

    No. D011
    An Victorian silver and glass Soap jar.
    Made by H. C. and Co. in Birmingham, 1900.
    Price 165.00

    No. E245
    Victorian silver shaving brush, soap & jar.
    Made by H. & A. in Birmingham, 1898.
    Length of shaving brush 4.5" (11cm).
    Price 475.00

    No. D947
    Silver soap box.
    Made Samuel and Ernest Drew in London, 1913.
    Length 3.75" (9.5cm). Weight 5.37 troy oz. (167g).
    Price 435.00

    No. 4025
    Silver and glass Soap jar.
    Made by Wilmot manufacturing in Birmingham, 1925.
    Price 155.00

    No. D012
    An Edwardian silver and glass Soap jar.
    Made by Thomas J. Watson and Co. in London, 1902.
    Price 175.00